Friday, November 30, 2012

HELP!! What should I do now?!

I really don't have any idea what to do with myself running wise now that the marathon is off my bucket list.

I could:
  • Focus on the marathon and attempt to better my time.  Ideally, I'd like to beat Oprah's time.  Then, once that happens, I'd like to try to go sub-4.  At this point, it seems like such a long ways away.  I'd have to cut 47 minutes of my time.  Then again, I walked so much during the back half of the marathon.  Those darn walk breaks sure added up fast!
The downside to this would be A) a greater investment of my time in the summer training and B) I probably wouldn't be able to run as many races as I'd like to during the season to again focus on the full.  I really felt like I didn't train as much or as good as I should have last time around so maybe doing it again will give me a chance to focus on it.  My schedule should be the same unless big changes happen with my job.  That could go for better or worse though if that happens.

The upside would be that I'd train with the same running group again.  I had a great time running with them.  Also, I feel like it'd be much more feasible for me to drop time in my full as opposed to attempting to PR in my half.  See next idea below.  Oh, and Dad wants to train for the full next year as well.  And, as crazy as it sounds, I think I'd rather run the race than attempt to wander around the city trying to watch him running.

Or I could:
  • Focus on the half and attempt to better my time.  At this point, a PR seems so far away since I haven't been training for speed.
The benefits of this would be that I could easily fit races into my training as either training runs or to try to get PRs in whatever distance the race happens to be.  I can easily see myself pulling off a few halfs next season as well.  I ran 4 halfs one season and didn't have too much of an issue with that. 

Also, the time invested on running could be far less than the half.  I suppose I could do longer distance runs while training for a half (runs over 13.1 miles), but I could easily see myself capping it off at around 12 and being happy with that.  Also, my weekend would open up for non-running related activities since I would not need to do long runs of 3+ hours.

Lastly, I could:
  • Attempt to complete a sprint triathlon.
Has anyone ever transitioned for running halfs and fulls to a tri?  Who did you train with?  What did you spend on gear?  Where did you get your gear?  Did you get hooked after?

Right now, a tri is pretty much just an idea in my head and not really something I think I'd be interested in pursing.  I'd have to step it up on the swim and bike portions big time in order to pull it off.  Plus, I worry about having to train for three disciplines when I could barely manage training for one.  I think if I want to do this, I'd try an indoor triathlon (I've seen this available at gyms by me) before I make the commitment to training for an outdoor one.

All I know is that right now, I have to just focus on getting back into the groove of running.  I'd been lazy again and I haven't run since Big Sur.  But, I've been pretty disciplined about not being a pig and eating everything in sight (unlike what I did in October post-marathon).  Still, I feel like I have to do something.  I've been feeling pretty tired these days and I think working out again would give me some much needed energy.

Race wise, it's kind of a dead zone.  I'm not motivated to do anything outdoors when it is cold unless I absolutely have to.  I'm contemplating running the Warm Your Heart Indoor 5k at McCormick Place, which is in early January.  I'm trying to see if my running buddy will do it with me so we can run together and then hang out (and eat!) afterwards.  We shall see.  Prices go up tonight so I've got to decide soon.

Does anyone else have motivational issues around this time of year?  If so, what have you done to get yourself out of the rut?  Any tips, suggestions or advice would be most appreciated!

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