Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Game Plan

So I got an e-mail from the group leader of the running club that I trained with over the summer regarding their winter training program, which begins on December 15.  They hold their group runs at 7:00am at the Lake Forest Train Station.  The dues are $40 since I'm a current CARA member.

I've been mulling over the decision on whether or not to join.  I'm leaning toward joining since it'll ensure that I try to maintain some sort of shape over the winter.  If I'm part of the group, I will feel obligated to do the long runs especially if I paid for it.  And, I won't want to show up unprepared either meaning subsequent runs during the week would have to happen.

I worry about running outdoors as I have never run outdoors during the winter months.  I usually start going to the gym around November/December depending on the weather.  So, that will be a challenge.  I also worry about getting there if the weather is less than ideal.  I rarely drive anymore and have always been a relatively poor driver.  Google Maps tells me that in optimal conditions, it would take me 21 minutes to get to the train station.  Factor in show and my poor driving and it could take more almost an hour to get there.  I think on bad weather days, I'll just plan on going to the gym as opposed to Lake Forest.

Unfortunately, I could not convince my dad to venture outdoors with me.  If I convinced him to sign up, I think I could have convinced him to drive as silly as that sounds.  I suppose I could motivate Jim to drive me since maybe he could work out or do work in the area since I'm sure there are coffee places nearby.  Or, I could make friends with someone and ask that we carpool and I'd be more than happy to help pay for gas so I wouldn't have to drive.

As for the work out plan, I've decided to start going today (no ifs ands or buts).  Here is my proposed plan.  I'm aiming to just get in 1 hour of cardio today, tomorrow and Thursday. 
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes treadmill / 30 minutes elliptical
  • Wednesday: 40 minutes treadmill/ 20 minutes elliptical
  • Thursday: 50 minutes treadmill/ 10 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday: 60 minute run - treadmill or outdoors depending on the weather
This is pretty pathetic compared to where I once was, but I've been slacking hardcore since the half marathon (Nov. 18 and I've literally done nothing).  I need to ease back in and not overdo it and get injured (again).  So, baby steps.

I packed my gym clothes, shoes, foam roller and water bottle and they are in my car.  I am going to the gym ASAP after work.  If I go back home, I'm liable to get tempted not to go.  Also, if I sit with my foster cat, it's game over since she's so cute and just wants me to pet her and cuddle with her.

So yeah, it's about time that I get off my lazy butt and back out there.  Wish me luck!