Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weeks 14, 15 and 16 Recap: Is it October 14th yet?

Hello everyone!  I'm still here and I'm still running.  I just haven't been blogging since I haven't really had much to say with regard to my training.

Truthfully, I would just like to get the race over with so I can take my life back.  I'd like to be able to run when I want and not because I feel like I have to run.  I'm looking forward to being able to wear my hair down and be able to sleep in on the weekends and in the mornings.

Mentally, I think I'm in a much better place compared to where I was last year.  I don't want to bail on the race like I did last year.  I completed a 20 mile run, which is a huge accomplishment saying that I didn't even run one last year.

My game plan is to stick with the 4:30 pace group, which is 10:18 per mile.  I think I can handle that.  I'll stick with them for as long as possible and try to pick it up at the end so I can achieve my goal time of 4:28.  That's an almost 20 minute cut, but I'm confident that if I maintain a run instead of dropping to a run/walk that it can happen.  I've also told myself that I never have to run a marathon again if I can achieve my goal time.  So, hopefully that will be incentive enough to get it done.  My performance will depend on a lot of things and weather will be a big factor.  I'm hoping for cooler temps like last year.

Week 14: 14.01 miles in 2:19:49 (9:59 average pace):  I ran along the DPR South with my training group.  Overall, it was a good run and I didn't have any major issues.  The weather cooperated too, which was nice.

I ran part of it with a woman who is training for the Ironman in Kona.  She's run the race there before.  I mentioned that I found out that former Pittsburgh Steelers, Hines Ward, was training for the race as well.  She mentioned that he's part of her team (Newton), but he's primarily advertising chocolate milk.  She said she met him once before.  How cool is that?  I totally look up to that woman since she's committed to being so fit and has completed multiple Ironmans.

Week 15: 20.17 miles in 3:37:26 (10:47 average pace):  My little brother and I ran the 20 Miler at Busse Woods in Schaumburg.  My pace group leader and some other members from my training group were at the run so it was nice to see some familiar faces.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to do a true dress rehearsal for the full.

I ran with my little brother whose training hasn't been going as well as he would like.  His longest run was 12 miles which he did a long time before the 20 miler.  So, it's crazy that he even completed the run.  He started to hit the wall around 14 miles, but was able to finish the run.

I stuck with him for 18 miles than took off.  I ran the last mile in an 8:46, which was way too fast.  I just wanted to get the run done!  I didn't pause my Garmin for any of my aid station breaks or our walking/stretching breaks.

My legs were OK and I worked out a pretty good eating and drinking strategy.  I also drank Gatorade and didn't have any tummy trouble so I was pleased.

Also, our pace group leader had to use the bathroom around mile 9 so we choose to run without her.  In retrospect, I kind of wish that I stayed with so I'd have the support of the group.  But, I'm confident that I definitely could have run faster so I will hopefully be OK for the full.

Also, the little bro and I decided that I should do my own thing for the race and not worry about sticking with him.  Plus, there will be 45,000 people running the race so it's not like he will be alone.

Week 16: 7.87 out of 12 miles (DPR North) - TOTAL FAIL:  I had some feminine issues going on the morning before so my mental focus was on that instead of my run.  I decided to run just 8 and didn't even finish that.  I suppose I could make up for it and run 4.13 miles later today.  I may do that after the game if I'm in the mood, but I doubt it. 

My philosophy is that I'd rather go in to the race a bit undertrained (which I would say that I am) instead of overtrained.  A plan like Hanson's would never be something I'd even dream of trying to complete.  Too many miles!!

My legs are feeling OK for the most part - my quads were a little sore post yesterday's run, which I will attribute to a hard PT session Friday afternoon.  Hopefully they'll be fine come race day.

In other news, my managing partner is also running the marathon this year.  He ran 21 miles one weekend and 20 the following.  He mentioned to my BQ marathoner attorney that he wanted to run the full 26.2 this weekend.  Personally, I don't see why anyone would do that.  Maybe it'd make him feel better mentally if he completed the full distance.  But, why risk getting injured?

Oh, and lastly, I mentioned to my pace group leader that my times to races have slowed down by about 2 minutes+ per event ever since I started training for the marathon in 2012.  He asked me if I should have trained with the 9:30 pace group instead of the 10:00 minute pace group.  I told him that I didn't think I could maintain the 9:30 pace for a long period of time.

But, maybe I could have and maybe I should have done that.  That way, I could run at the 9:30 pace as long as I could and then slow down.  Perhaps I would have been able to achieve my time goal.  Oh well.  What's done is done.  I suppose I could get back to my times from 2011, but that would involve the desire to do it on my part.  We'll see what happens after the marathon.  I'll have to reevaluate my goals and plan out what I want to do over the fall/winter and in 2014.

How's your training going??  Do you just want to get the race over with like me?  Would you ever run the full distance while training for a race?  Lastly, GO BEARS!!!!


  1. Since I have been training in such a short cycle (9 weeks), I am not sick of training. I'm actually feeling really good (knock on wood). Have you run a time trial yet to nail down your marathon pace? That way you could take a lot of the guess work out of it. You are correct. It is better to be undertrained than overtrained, so keep doing what you're doing! Have a great taper. :)

    1. I ran a 10K on September 1st and plugged that into the McMillian calculator. The predicted time for the marathon is under my goal time. I ran 2 5Ks last week post-20 miler, which probably wasn't the best time to do a time trial. One time was on pace for my time goal and the other one was not.

      Glad to hear that your training is going well! That's awesome that you can train for it in such a short time period. Then again, you are an experienced marathoner! :)