Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Kinda Want to BAIL...

I've taken my taper to a whole new level with the minimal running I've done since the 20 Miler.  But, life has gotten a bit hectic as of late.  My boyfriend of 9 years finally proposed last Thursday.  Needless to say, the focus hasn't been on running these days.

Two Saturdays ago, I was supposed to run 12 miles, but I was having some feminine issues and only completed 7.87 miles.  At least my legs weren't giving me trouble.  I contemplated on making up the remaining miles the following day, but skipped it.  My quads hurt like crazy after, but it was just a fluke thing and I have yet to figure out what caused it.  I didn't bother to run my 8 miler last Saturday and I don't regret missing that one bit. 

I got engaged!!  That's a good enough reason to put the running on hold.  It's not like not running for 4 whole days will really be that detrimental to my performance come Sunday, right?

However, the though about waking up early, going down to the city and schleping my ass down the streets of Chicago in search of my goal time don't sound like so much fun anymore. 

Oh... and I'm supposed to get my monthly gift Sunday... hum... how many feminine hygenine products can I shove into my SpiBelt?!  *shakes head*  Grrr... perhaps I can will my body to deliver my monthly gift before or after the race... (TMI: SORRY!)

Lazing around in bed with my fiancee and staring at my pretty diamond ring on my finger sounds much more appealing.  Yes, the goal was to improve upon my dismal time, but I thought it would be somewhat of a family affair this year.  Unfortuantely, my dad and my bro can't run due to injuries so it's just me.

I've got to get my head back in the game ASAP.  I'll remind myself of the following and hopefully this will serve as motivation:
  1. Spent time and money on training and wouldn't want it to go to waste;
  2. Don't want to hear the crap spewing out of my managing partner's mouth if he finds out that I didn't even show up to the race for no good reason at all; and
  3. Having to blog about why I didn't run it for no good reason at all.
So yep... I gotta run it no matter what... I've come to far to quit.

If you have any motivation tips to send my way, please do!  Good luck to everyone running CM13 Sunday!  You will all do GREAT!


  1. Congrats on getting engaged!!!
    The timing with the.. issues sucks! i'm sorry :(
    Motivation? I would say, you owe it to yourself and nobody else.
    or read something like this picture

    1. Hi Declan! Thanks for your motivational words and picture! It makes perfect sense! Good luck Sunday!

  2. You will do great as well. It will be better once you start running. The excitement adrenaline will take over and you won't want it to end! Good luck!

    1. Hi Pete - thanks for the motivational words! You're right... the whole atmosphere should get me going! Best of luck to you as well! :)

  3. Yayy congratulations on the engagement, that's so exciting!! It seems like a lot of people have been plagued with injuries this training season, me, your bro and your dad :( Is it anything serious?

    1. My bro hurt his knee during the 20 Miler. He didn't train very much due to his crazy work schedule and his longest run was 12 miles, which was run well before the 20 Miler. He pushed himself to finish the 20 Miler, which is most likely why he got hurt. He doesn't have insurance so he hasn't been able to see anyone about it. I gave him options to call the hotline of the PT place I'm with and for local PT places that due free screenings. He didn't take advantage of that. So, he's out and super bummed, but I told him that there's always next year.

      My dad had sciatica, which put him out of training. It ended up being arthritis in his lower back and hip. He's in PT for it now. His doc told him not to run the marathon or do any high impact activities such as long distance running. So, he's out as well. Though, he may try to run some of it tomorrow. Who knows.

      As for me, it's just minor ITB stuff - nothing as serious as last year. I went to PT again so I could knock it out before it got worse. Speaking of which, I have a date with the foam roller later today. Gotta get it all rolled out for tomorrow. Eeks....